July 12, 2016

{Rebecca + Seth} Engagement Photography Smith Rock State Park, Asterisk Pass; Terrebonne, Oregon

What I had in store for {Rebecca + Seth} engagement session at Smith Rock State Park in Terrebonne, Oregon would be considered quite adventurous for the average person who thinks that rock climbing tends to border between “crazy” and “insane” but as you already know Wendy and I are the adventurous type who really look to give our clients a unique once in a life time experience that ends in amazing photography. When I first met Rebecca at Smith for our shoot I wasn’t so sure my idea was actually going to work as she had these awesome high heels on but luckily, she was able to find some running shoes in their car so crisis diverted. Before dropping down into the canyon they brought out their basset hound Lucky for some family portraits. I’m always a fan of bringing pets out as it always lightens the mood, (especially in the beginning when it might be needed). You definitely don’t need to ask us permission to bring your pets out for photo sessions with Byron Roe Photography, that’s for sure!! Afterwards we hiked down to the trail along the canyon floor and on to Asterisk Pass where I was hoping we could time the golden light. This location that you have to climb up to allows you to see both east and west sides of the main ridge as well as the Cascade Mountains. The rest is history as they say, including the epic champagne toast and insane light. Enjoy the images everyone and kudos to our amazing adventurers {Rebecca + Seth}!