October 14, 2010

Rome Italy; Finding The Fun in Being a Tourist

Everybody knows when you come to Rome for the first time, you have to go to a few of the not-to-miss tourist locations. We have to admit though that doing the tourist thing, sometimes being herded like cattle, is not something that we enjoy. Gobs of people, waiting in line…the sure to be tour guides speaking in English, Italian, German, French and street vendors just looking to make a buck. They were all there and so were we…paying tribute to ancient ruins that participated in not so little a part to western civilization as we know it.

The Colosseum, where the gladiators fought for their freedom or death as a sport; the Roman Forum, where Julius Caesar and the Senate met and temples of their various gods; The Trevi Fountain, where lovers go and throw a coin in for good luck. Today we go to St. Peters Basilica and the Sistine Chapel to see Michelangelo’s gifts and what some say is the greatest work of art from a single person. All just beautiful and awe-inspiring history. We both love history and the ruins are more about the stories than the sites. When you have stories that go back 2000 years, what’s not to love?

What else do Italian tourist do? Get GELATO (of course), rome the streets aimlessly and have long, drawn out dinners. Last night as we were having dinner around 10 pm and making great conversation with our Irish and Canadian neighbors, two glasses of Lemoncello landed on our table and the waiter said that the two over there bought it for us. We were like, “what? That couldn’t be…” Turn around and don’t you know it but our destination wedding couple overheard us talking about their story and sent us some drinks to introduce themselves! What a great ice breaker, eh?

Karin and Fabrizio are just fantastic and after a few drinks and getting to know them a little better we are all the more excited to be here, now…doing what we love.


B + W

What’s left of the Colosseum from the outside…imagine all this covered in white marble.

Our lonely gladiator looking for the next person to hug him for a picture outside the Colosseum.

It took a bit to get beyond the barriers of tourist with their cameras but here’s the inside of this grand stage.

A little love…and self portrait 🙂

A temple in the Roman Forum

Terracotta army exhibit inside the Forum.

Triton’s glory at The Trevi Fountain

Did you know that Lord Byron lived by the Spanish Steps?  We learned that after visiting and buying a tie here 🙂  Love the expression of the guy behind Byron here 🙂


Very cute self portrait, guys, love the BYRON store and wonderful story at the restaurant meeting your wedding couple. Keep up everything you’re doing: the photos, your writing and the traveling. Isn’t it great to be young?! Yes, I am jealous too. XO, Mom

Hello thanks for yet another very good post. Where do you find your inspiration for all this :|?

Kelsi Erkkila

Great stuff, I am so jealous! Tell Karin “Hi” for me…

Haha! LOVING the story of how you met the wedding couple, and the shot of Bryon in front of the “Byron” sign. Ahh…Italy. I spent many an hour hanging out by the Trevi fountain…it’s one of my favorite places in Rome. Keep the pictures coming!

Looks like you two are having FUN!!! Thank you for sending these pics our way! They are fabulous!!!

Great post and photos. Tourist-hearded-like-cattle anecdote made me laugh! And I agree with the long, drawn out dinners.