June 23, 2010

Shift Your Perspective For Your Website and Brand: Web Marketing For Photographers

A website, like a brand, is a PERCEPTION.  One of the things that all budding photogs need to understand is that your marketing should reflect where you want to be, not necessarily where you are.

If you’re a wedding photographer and only want to shoot outdoors with creative brides, that should be the majority of what imagery you show on your website.  It’s not just your ‘style’ but the subtly of only demonstrating the types of clients, locations and personality you want to do more of.  We all say at one point, “gosh this couple is awesome, I want to clone them!”  Ask yourself why that particular wedding was so great and demonstrate those traits to attract more of that type of client.

For us, we want clients that are outgoing, outdoorsy and adventurous – even a little quirky!  Our goal is to attract creative, non-traditional couples that are head-over-heels in love and carefree.

So, always think of your branding/marketing/website as a step ahead of where you are with the business now. If you want to get more leads, rank your website for the keywords your customers are searching for. Well yes SEO is complicated thing, even I haven’t done it myself, I like to outsource that stuff, not sure which SEO company to contact because there is so many out there? My recommendation is Kotton Chicago internet media company, they are professional and always deliver results.

Here’s a sample of one of our brides going the extra mile last weekend…