December 6, 2017

{Stephanie + Matt} Wedding Photography Pronghorn Resort; Bend, Oregon

I’ll always remember {Stephanie + Matt’s} wedding at Pronghorn Resort in Bend, Oregon for a number of reasons.  First is how amazing Stephanie looked in her wedding dress – absolutely stunning (and from the look on Matt’s face during the first look I know he felt the same!).  Matt’s vows to Stephanie were some of the most honest I’ve heard – I don’t know how to explain this but it was more like he was really talking to Stephanie one on one rather than all worried he needed to make it “perfect” for the audience – I really enjoyed that.  Last but certainly not least was the dance party and I now have the gold standard of dancers as a litmus test for all others….her name is Aimee and she was the flower girl.  This kiddo was unstoppable, (and surely slept well that night) but don’t take my word for it, just look at the photos!  Congratulations to you both – we love you guys!!

Here’s a great expose by Pronghorn Resort of Stephanie & Matt’s exciting first look:


Thanks to the amazing team that made this day a dream for {Stephanie + Matt}:

Thank you for hosting us (venue, reception, catering, bar):  Pronghorn Resort

Thank you for the fabulous hair & makeup for all the ladies!: Kate Tuma

Thank you for the insanely awesome flowers: Summer Robbins Flowers

Thank you for the beautiful sweets: Foxtail Bakeshop

Thank you for the bad ass beats!: Brock Sound Company