September 22, 2010

Stuff We Love Part 2: Biking

We love bikes. We love bikes so much we have …and I count, 12 bikes. We have 2 cyclocross bikes, 3 mountain bikes, 2 road bikes, 2 bikes of the late pro Steve Larsen, 2 Townie bikes, 1 Townie Tandem bike (an original 1970s red Huffy). Obviously, you can never have enough bikes.

The bikes have been collected and collected, old frames get tossed in the basement for parts and new bikes get shined, polished and cooed upon in the garage. Garage area is helpful for storing bikes and other vehicles. But make sure that the door is working well so that thieves will not take advantage of it. If it’s broken, call Insta Garage Doors immediately for a repair in residential and commercial garage doors and gates in Riverside county CA.

Of the biker friends we know, we’re actually on par with or have less than the norm (ah em, Mr. Jones).

In fact, for our honeymoon – we were fortunate enough to go biking in southern France for a week. Our friend Larry Smith, owner of European Cycling Tours,, went to the full extent of mapping out bike loops to go do, sites to visit, hotels to stay at, the best restaurants and even had a tandem road bike waiting for us. It was an AWESOME experience, although I’d have practiced a little more on standing on a tandem looking back on it!

The biking community in this town is a beautiful thing. With cyclocross nationals this year, US Road Junior Nationals, annual Cascade Cycling Classic, Thrilla cross series, Cross Culture: Bike + Art Love, mountain and road bike racing abound, we are fortunate to live in an active town where biking brings people together with smiles.

We have friendships, brides and clients through the biking community and are stoked to participate (whether racing or recreationally) in this Bend culture. So here’s a little secret about us: BIKES RULE.

On one of the hardest climbs Wendy’s ever done, here’s the last frame before our point n’ shoot died, on top of Mt. Ventoux from our honeymoon in France – a classic Tour de France climb.   After 3.5 hours of climbing, Wendy was pushed the last 1/8 of a mile by a 60 year old Belgian whooping and cheering.


12 bikes?! Don’t forget about my scooter too!! Kisses, Mom