September 26, 2009

Taron and Ben Wedding at Seventh Mountain Resort – Bend, Oregon

The flow of the wedding day for the sweet couple, Taron and Ben, was a smooth one.  The rain even held off until five minutes after the ceremony!  Taron and Ben (and their adorable children) shared a beautiful, emotional ceremony outside at the Seventh Mountain Resort.  For the first time, the bride was ready before the groom – which added to some humor as Byron walked Ben (with his eyes closed) over some steps to the path of his awaiting bride.  Their family and friends were kind and laid back, making the entire event easy going.  During the reception, we couldn’t stop smiling as the bride and her father shared a ‘be-bop’ tune – swinging and celebrating to their father-daughter dance.  All the best to you both as you no doubt grow old together and share the journey of togetherness.