June 5, 2011

TBD Loft First Friday Artwalk; Bend Oregon – Love Letter Engagement Photography


When we started doing the letter series on our blog about a year ago, we dreamed of someday showcasing these precious letters and the wedding couples together, side-by-side in an art gallery.  Here is the concept:

Your wedding day is soon approaching, your reveling in your partner and nerves are kicking in. You reminisce about your first meeting, your first date, your first kiss…and dream about what it will be like to walk down the aisle. You want to express your love and fears, your joy and nerves, your appreciation and your goals as you are soon to share in life’s journey together. You’re given the opportunity to write a love letter, to whom you are about to marry and share with the world your love in written form. That is our letter series.

It’s a letter written from bride-to-be or groom-to-be to be paired with their engagement session images on our blog.

Fastforward to January where we heard about our favorite ‘First Friday’ venue TBD Loft community project for the year.  Their year-long series is inspired by Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs.’  This famous psychologist had a theory about every human sharing the same needs from survival to love…to enlightenment.  The ‘love or belonging’ June/July showcase was the perfect fit for the love letters and thus submitted our work.  Upon an excited acceptance, we debuted the pieces on Friday and will also be participating in the July ‘First Friday Art Walk.’  Seeing so many familiar and smiling faces was the best part about the show.  Thank you for all those clients, friends and fellow photographers for joining us!  Twist Cocktail Catering Co. (one of our fellow wedding vendors we love) was also serving up the bar all night long.

Most of all, thank you Paul Evers and the entire TBD staff for doing this project and including our work.  Your team continually pushes the envelope and creative community spirit of Bend.

See you in July 1st (be sure to mark your calendars!)

B + W



Each of our letters have a ‘QR Code’ scan-able by your smart phone so they can view the wedding images from the couple.


Each piece had a handmade galvanized metal frame to accompany the metallic prints.



And here’s one from friend and fellow photographer – Kimberly Teichrow: (thanks for sending us these!)

Lindsay Landgraf

Awesome! Bummed I missed it!