December 31, 2009

The Best Wedding Images Of 2009 From Byron Roe Photography – Bend, OR

As Wendy and I leap into the new year we look forward to making new friends who are keen to our unique style of wedding photography, as well as keeping up with all our new wedding couple friends we made through out 2009.  Thank you all for having the utmost faith in our talents as photographers for our inaugural year.  It was a privileged to be part of each and every one of your special days!

Since everyone else is doing their “best of….” for 09, I thought we needed the best bride & groom images of 2009 as well!  So here are the coolest images, (in our opinion) from the weddings we shot though out the year.  I did the preliminary choosing without Wendy but I knew that it would be better to have lots of choices to pick from since they were destined to be debated once she looked at them!  One of the great things, (among many others) about wedding photography is that they’re always unique and never dull.  So sit back, relax and enjoy these images that were so inspiring for us to create.


These photos are fantastic; I especially like #1, #3 and the one by the old gas tank. Try to enter that in a contest as I bet it would win an award. Happy New Year Bryon and Wendy!!! Lisa