July 22, 2010

To Baby, From Shelly Phillips: Maternity Photography Bend Oregon


Dear Baby,

Wow, you’re almost here and we are so excited to finally meet you.  Your dad and I have been waiting for you for 9 long months and pretty soon we’ll get to see you, touch you, and gaze into your beautiful eyes.  I’m especially looking forward to holding you in my arms and nuzzling your sweet smelling head.  Let’s spend hours together just cuddling, nursing, sleeping, and enjoying life together.

I can’t wait to be your mama.  I’ve been preparing for motherhood since I was a young girl and I feel so ready to welcome you into my life.  I’ve studied everything I could about how to be a good parent, how to help you learn and grow, and how to be the best example I can be for you.  I’ve even practiced by taking care of lots of other babies and kids, but really it was all for you.  Taking care of you and teaching you how to take good care of yourself sounds like the most fun and rewarding thing I could possibly do in my life.  Thanks for helping me fulfill my life’s purpose.

Just wait ‘till you meet your dad.  He’s fantastic.  I just know he’s going to be such a wonderful daddy to you.  When I was choosing a husband I decided to choose the man with the biggest, most beautiful heart I could find.  And that’s your dad.  He cares so deeply, and shares himself so openly.  I love his honesty and the way he has trouble keeping a secret, even when it’s a fun surprise.  I completely trust him to take exquisite care of all of our hearts, which is really the most important task of all.  And on top of all that, he’s hilarious!  With your daddy in our lives, we are sure to have lots and lots of laughter and fun.

My friends keep telling me that you’re “one lucky baby” and I agree.  I’ve always thought of myself as one of the luckiest people I know.  And I’m so happy to pass on my good fortune to you.  In fact, there’s no one else I’d rather bless with endless good luck and the ability to appreciate and enjoy it.

One of my deepest hopes is that we can always communicate openly with each other, that no matter what’s happening, you know you can always come to us, share whatever’s on your heart and we’ll always love you no matter what.  There may be times when we don’t like each other very much, but even then, please know, that we love you dearly, deeply, and without conditions.  And even in times when you think you don’t, we’ll remember that you love us too.  Because that’s how it is in our family, we practice unconditional love and acceptance no matter what the circumstances.

So, welcome to life on Earth, and welcome to your family.  May you be surrounded by love, inspired to learn and grow, and always know that you are deeply cherished.



Shelly and Kevin,

We sure cut it down to the wire but I hope you find these images to be a late lasting memory of pregnancy!  You’re SO beautiful!  Thanks for trusting us and for being adventurous even at 2 weeks to your due date!  It’s been an honor to document your journey from engagement, to wedding, to baby 🙂  Lots of love to you both and congratulations on your new addition.  I hope everyone found the tissues because I sure was grabbing them reading your powerful love letter!

All the best,

B + W

This is a classic shot – nothing that’s totally unique but totally special.

I LOVE this giggle, Shelly…it’s like Kevin was tickling you!

One of our total favs from the day, has all the right unique elements with magical smiles from you both and still shows your belly. – YUM!

A fun daddy shot 🙂

Who knew you could be so sexy at 8.5 months?!!  Grarrrw. Love it – Wendy

This feels lonely yet a totally surreal with you and the baby.

Beautiful soft focus on the hay and grasses – like a hidden moment.

Love the connection between a single, growing organism with the grass in front and a single, growing organism with the baby in the back.

Love these belly portraits – WOW!  Color pop is lovely.

One of my favorite portraits, love the lighting on your face and belly.

At the end of the session, Wendy spent a little time alone with Shelly for these more intimate shots.  We fell in love with this one and are thankful Shelly and Kevin let us post this beauty.  Capturing the body at this stage in life in true form.  Shelly, you’re GORGEOUS!


These are wonderful photographs and my favorite is the last intimate one with Shelly in the gauzy taupe covering. That’s worthy or a prize so enter it in a competition, if she agrees.

Nina and Shelly – the song is ‘Guardian Angel’ by Leah West 🙂 Glad you liked! – B + W

Wow that was beautiful! Who sings that song? Lovely, lovely photos!

Okay Shelly….you are one HOT mama! I love the last picture, very brave. I was grabbing for the tissues after reading your lovely letter. The pictures are wonderful B&W.

Nice music choice on the video. You made me cry! Thanks again for a fantastic shoot. Big hugs to you both, Shelly