August 5, 2010

To Byron, From Ninfi: Wedding Anniversary Photography Bend, Oregon

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My Dearest Byron – my husband, my lover, my best friend

42 years, incredible, it went so fast.  I can remember our wedding like it was yesterday – all my dreams came true that day.  So many wonderful happenings in 42 years.  Two wonderful sons, vacations, work, sailing, skiing, tennis, motorcross, great music and so much more.

I start voicing a thought and you finish it.  We sometimes think about the same thing at the same time.  Your smile and the twinkle in your eyes makes my heart beat faster because I know they are just for me.  You are so caring and tender, you make me feel safe and loved.

My favorite poem says it all –

How do I love thee,
I love thee to the depth,
and breath and height my soul can reach.

Grow old with me my dear, the best is yet to come.

All my love, now and forever,

Mom and Dad,

You both are our biggest fans and ultimate role models.  It’s a constant reminder of what can be possible when you wake up and choose love every day of your marriage.  We can only hope to attain the joy and happiness you both live everyday after 40 more years!  Thank you for so openly sharing your love with everyone around you, you probably have no idea how deep of an impact you make in us and others that admire from afar.

Even during this session (your first ‘real’ professional photography session!), you couldn’t keep your hands off each other and a tear was seen here and there.  That’s pure love.

Here’s a gift to your anniversary and to many, many healthy and happy years together.

All our love,

B + W

Love is a beautiful thing at any age….

Can I just say the flowers were full on AMAZING.

Now that’s one HANDSOME man!

Mom with one of her endless giggles, she’s constantly smiling.

One of our favs – do share the secret to your success?!

Grammy Ruth

Dear Ninfi and Byron,

I am late in sending you our anniversary wishes but good wishes are always welcome. I wrote you a long letter the day that Byron posted the lovely pictures of your happy day, but for some reason when I tried to submit them, they would not go. So I am trying again. When I saw and read about your loving relationship I realized that you would have, at least, as many years together as we have had because I believe that true love nourishes a marriage more that anything else. We are having our 70th ! in December.

You quoted from my favorite Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poem so we have more in common than our two children. As for Byron and Wendy,
they have become a formidable couple and will be a great success in business and life. We were very happy to have had the opportunity to know Byron personally.

We send our fondest regard to all of you, and hope we will continue to enjoy many more of Byron’s photos to keep us connected.

Ruth and Sidney Drobnes

Ninfi & Byron

Byron & Wendy, the photos are fantastic, we esp. like all the kissing stuff. Love the shots at the wagon wheel and the flowers. Your father completely missed my love letter (him being a guy) so I had to tell him to look at the script before the pics. He was all tears, as was I. He couldn’t figure out how I got the letter to you. I told him that it was good that I had some secrets. Love, Mom & Dad

Uncle Bill

Byron, what a beautiful tribute to your parents.

Simply beautiful. Ninfi and Byron, you have always exemplified joy and happiness to me. It’s rare and lovely. I’m so glad Byron and Wendy used only music in your photo-video as the beauty in your relationship was singing in my mind as I watched. Congratulations on 42 years of marriage! Your marriage is “simply beautiful.”

Karen Halstead

This brought tears to my eyes… so beautiful. Reminds me how lucky I am to have found the man I’m supposed to be with. Although not sure we can make it 42 years – we will be OLD by then!! Not like Byron and Ninfi – so young and so full of life 🙂

Byron those are so precious even I got a bit teary eyed looking at them. You look a lot like your Mom! Love the b&w with flowers focused in the foreground! Amazing! And boy do you know how to wrestle fantastic shots out of that fisheye!

Byron and Ninfi – Early congratulations on 42 years! The pictures are amazing, and your note was lovely Ninfi. What a wonderful surprise! Best, Jill

A couple we can all look up to. Beautiful!