April 27, 2011

To Cam, From Kira; Shevlin Park Pre-Wedding Engagement Photography Bend, Or


My Love,

Together, we have it all.  Let’s face it, we’re great for each other.  Ever since we met, being together brought better days, brighter spirits, bigger hearts, more adventures and many, many laughs.  We’ve experienced a lot together, and I hope you know that through the thick and thin (we both know it has not been perfect or easy!) I’ve trusted you, believed in you, and wanted to be with you.

I’m yours and your mine, already without marriage.  I’m so excited to marry you though babe, because I know this bond and our love will continue to deepen and that we will always try to challenge and support each other, no matter the years or changes that will happen. So, just to repeat myself (as I sometimes do): Together, we have it all.

I love you,

Kira + Cam,

You both have such a sweet charm and quality about you.  It’s been so much fun getting to work with you and know you a bit better, Kira through Adfed and Cam, meeting you at the shoot!  Knowing your family has a portrait studio, Natural Impressions Photography, we are humbled you chose us to capture some fun candid images here and for your big day.  We’ll have to get the background story of your nickname too, by the way!  That’s awesome.  Enjoy some of our favorites and highlights below and thanks again!  We’ll see you in a few months at Rock Springs Guest Ranch.

All the best,

B + W




…a taste of our new pano pics 🙂


The coverage bridge in Shevlin Park is one of our favorites because of it’s character.







Okay seriously, the boots just rocked it 🙂


Look at those gorgeous eyes Kira!



Love the boots and casualness of this – it’s like you do this everyday or something. 🙂


Cam, you brought some serious moves to the table – can’t wait to see you show them off at the wedding.



You two are so awesome together – these photos really capture not only the deep love you share, but the joy your love brings to each of you individually. Your respective families and friends are so blessed you two found each other – your happiness, love and joy are so infectious and touch us all in very individual and profound ways – Thank you for all you’re shared, and for the future you will create 🙂 Love, Mom/Glena