January 4, 2011

To Dwayne From Jessica; Pre-Wedding Engagement Photography, Seventh Mountain Resort, Oregon


Dear Dwayne,

So there we were…

A lot has happened since I first saw you at the dining facility during our first deployment over four years ago (While making fun of me for eating rice with toothpicks, thanks =P). We went from focused sergeants wanting to retire as ornery old soldiers to an “us” planning a family and dreaming of mysteriously losing toddlers in a snowbank (I TOLD you it was deeper than you thought! =P). Things changed so suddenly since we met. Granted, it did take three years for you to talk to me, and it went horribly wrong, and I felt incredibly stupid, and I made you feel stupid, but baby steps, yeah?

I’ve been trying to make up those cool points ever since (You have to admit, my clumsy attempt at the damsel-in-distress bit eventually achieved the desired outcome. I never claimed to be an actress), but I’m starting to think that is just the effect you have on me.

Even if I tried, I couldn’t imagine not having you in my life. And, even then, just being around you isn’t enough; I always want you by my side. Always. When I’m out shopping for socks, I want you there to make sure they have enough cushioning. Yeah, that serious. You got me good, Sergeant.

That being said, I am formally handing over that 2062. Please print, sign, and date in column “A”. But like everything in the Army, you will have to “hurry up and wait” a bit for your government issue Baby Koh. It’ll come soon enough though and then we can fix that “not-being-with-you” stuff. I promise, today and every day after, I will love the hell out of you (Sorry, had to tone it down, but it’s the same level of affection, I swear).


your Baby Koh

Jessica + Dwayne,

Flat out, you two make a great team.  It was obvious from the first moments we both met you and how many laughs and smiles were tossed around in such a short period of time!  Thank you for planning your vacation to Bend, Oregon around us and your engagement session – what a treat!  For our blog readers out there, Jessica + Dwayne both serve in the Army, stationed at different bases, have both been deployed several times to Iraq and have both never spent too much time in the snow (like second time ever).  We had the pleasure of shooting with them around Seventh Mountain Resort and the bridge at Tetherow.  Fearless as they both are, they went ice skating and snowboarding on their trip and even jumped on a sleigh (okay, that was just for us but you get our drift!).

All the best,

B + W



One of our favs from the first part of the session – smiles all around!



Jessica, you are STUNNING!  Love the light and each of your expressions here.


Jessica has a beautiful ambigram on her arm that says “Faith” and when you turn it over “Hope.”




The Seventh Mtn. Resort had beautiful decorations up!


We didn’t last long (it was 20 degrees!) but we snuck over to Tetherow to snap a few at sunset!






Back at Seventh Mountain Resort, we played around on the sleigh…the reindeer were on a break now that the holidays were over 🙂


Intimate, simple, beautiful….



Trying to warm up by the outside fire…it produced a beautiful glow!


Jessica, you’re beautiful!  (I’m sure Dwayne says that all the time!)


These pics are awesome! Love especially the second one (your favorite too from the caption). Jessica – you are gorgeous! Wishing you both the best of happiness in the future…