April 19, 2012

To: Jared, From: Joelle; Pre-Wedding Engagement Pictures Central Oregon



Who knew that when I said I wanted to meet a 30 year-old financial planner God was listening. I knew from our first date that it would be different. Now, three plus years later we are making the most scared commitment to each other. You are an incredible father, friend, mentor, advisor, coach and husband. I love and appreciate your spontaneity and drive to keep life interesting.

I love and appreciate how we have both grown and continue to challenge each other to become better. You are the one person who truly sees me for who I am, and you still love and accept it all. We have a love that goes beyond anything I ever imagined. I look forward to our future: the laughter, the tears, the joy, and the challenges that will only make us stronger. I wake up everyday so thankful for you and the wonderful person that you are. I love you!


{Artist Series}

One of our favs of the day!

Joelle strutting her stuff and ‘workin’ it!’  Fabulous!

A classic, one for the parents 🙂

Our Facebook preview winner!

Oh so cute you two!

The favorite mix of sweet and sexy – love this one!


















Joelle + Jared,

From the moment we saw your office Jared, we knew we had to shoot there!  Thanks for being open to make it happen in that fabulous location and follow us/trust us with the rest of the crazy ideas we had.  You both seriously brought it and who knew Joelle had such moves!  ha ha…okay, well again congratulations on your engagement, we are so excited to bear witness to your personal ceremony in July and share in your wedding journey.

All the best,

B + W

Special thanks to wedding and event hair/makeup artist, Julianna Clausen for Joelle’s pampering pre-shoot. Boom Boom Beauty Room; 541.480.1408

**We are now offering complimentary hair/makeup for every LOCAL bride-to-be prior to their engagement session.  There’s nothing like a little pampering before your session to relax and enjoy the moment :)


So wonderful and colorful. Love….your photos. Thank you for sharing!! Stacie