April 17, 2010

To Joe, From Meredith: Portland Oregon Engagement Photography


My perfect match, Joe:

Three years ago this month you came into my life. I knew what I was looking for in a man, but really didn’t think I would find all those traits in one person. You must have made an impact on me during that first date because as you know, I was sitting there looking across the table at you and thought “this guy would make a great husband.” And you will.

Our time together so far has meant more to me than you could possibly know. You have shown me what it means to take risks and to follow my dreams. You have helped me grow into the woman I always knew I could be. For that I will be forever thankful.

July 3rd , our wedding day, will be the most special day of my life. I am so excited for you to be my husband and to be your wife. The future holds so many exciting things for us and I know we will embrace each one and have the life we have both always dreamed of having…… with each other.

I love you with everything I have and always will….


Classic beauty.

Okay, this wins the most adorable award.

Thanks to the Kennedy School to providing this most FANTASTIC background.

This just embodies pure bliss you two.  We love the light on your face and shirt here Meredith!

With winds at sustained 30 mph on the Columbia River, we had to get a ‘Titanic’ inspired shot 🙂

…and this is for your refrigerator!  Such beautiful smiles.

Meredith and Joe, this is for you to remember sometimes cheesy just works 🙂


Hi Joe & Meredith!
Those turned out so great! You guys look great and I am so happy for you both!
The day will be here before you know it!
Love Sis

"Gretchen" Murrieta!

Hey! You guys look like you had so much fun. LOVE your photographs! Congrats to you both!! T

Thank you so much everyone for your nice comments. We are so excited for the big day and the follow up party at Joe’s parents on August 1st.

This is such a beautiful photo shoot. You two are too adorable! I can’t wait for the big day….

Erick and Nadia McCreight

The pictures look great! Congratulations!

Joe and Meredith,

Those are great pictures! Congratulations!!

Thanks everyone – we are both very lucky to have found each other – can’t wait for the wedding!!!

The pictures are fabulous, you both look so in love.

I love these happy pictures you both look so beautiful – congratulations!!!

Beautiful pictures. Love you both.

Robyn Chastain

Love these photos of you both. You look fabulous Mer!

Chris Williams

Your pictures are gorgeous and you both look soooo in love. I am thrilled that you found each other. M, love the new hair, you look like a college gal.

Darla Green

Love love love all of these great pics! You both look great and I can’t wait to see you soon!

Liz Sherman

The picutres are beautiful! It looks like you both had a lot of fun on your photo shoot! Congratulations and enjoy this special time in your life!!

J & M – beautiful pictures. Congrats to you both!


I love the photographs! I also loved how the photographer captured the gorgeous spring flowers! I am so happy for you that you found your girl! You are such a great guy Joe and you deserve happiness! Cheers ro you and your beautiful Bride!

Keely Killpack

Gorgeous Shots!! You guys look fabulous. Cannot wait for the wedding!!

LaShaune DeJean

Wow Joe! These photos are wonderful and your finance is just gorgeous. Congratulations to you both!

Thank you gals! And, believe me, I know!!

Angela Emery

God bless you both! The pictures are AWESOME and I love the style!!! If we lived in the area it would be so cool to have your photographer photograph our “supersized” family :-).

You guys look so happy and I wish you the best of luck in the future <3

Great pictures!

Joe! Two words for you dude. LUCKY GUY! HA! Love you guys!

sarah ward

You guys look GREAT – wishing you the best on your big day! Hugs,