November 18, 2011

To John, From Annie; Pre-Wedding Engagement Photography Timberline Lodge, Oregon



Our somewhat unique and serendipitous story still amazes me. Simply put, it still makes me smile in wonder that we went from living two miles away and never meeting (formally) to living two thousand miles away and falling in love.
I just wanted to say thanks. Thank you for talking with me for four hours during our very first phone call. Thank you for always being my co-conspirator in adventures…sometimes at the last minute, late at night, and/or involving IKEA. Thank you for your patience and always having faith in me when I needed it the most, especially during the very eventful (that’s an understatement) last year. Thank you for being you. You are an amazing, loving person and I’m happy we get to start a family together.

It has been quite the journey for both of us to get to this place and I am so excited for the adventure ahead. I love you very much.
Taffeta, darling.

{Artist Series}

Wow, one our first frames and you guys nailed it!  Easy and beautiful…you two!

One of our favorite doors at Timberline.




One of our favorites for the day!



The black and whites showcased you guys and Timberline so majestically!









Annie + John,

Such a pleasure to work with you two in a spot so special to us, where we got married! 🙂  Thanks for taking the trip up to Timberline Lodge and sharing the spectacular sunset!  So much fun playing in the snow and waiting, waiting, waiting…for the clouds to clear on Mt. Hood!  haha  We look forward to your wedding next year at the High Desert Museum!

All the best,

B + W