December 13, 2010

To Karen + Damian, From Your Sister Jessica; Wedding Photography Las Calentas, Mexico

- -

Damian & Karen,

It is with great pleasure that I get to extend a few words to you to adjoin the amazing photos that Wendy and Byron took on December 4, 2010. Your wedding was beautiful: the sand in our toes, the ocean in the background, the friends and family exuberating with support, the drinks, including all that tequila, the all-important words during the ceremony, to the all-meaningful words in the toasts to you, the bride and groom; it was a magical night. The following are a few definitions to always help you remember the magic in the air that evening.

love [luhv]–noun
a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person;
a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection

torch [tawrch] –n.
a light to be carried in the hand, consisting of some combustible substance; may the flame in your marriage always burn bright and may your wedding day ignite your marriage for many years to come

mem·o·ry [mem-uh-ree] –n
the mental capacity of retaining and reviving facts, events, impressions; may your marriage bring lots of fun and happy memories and may your love always be a lasting memory

hole [hohl] –n.
a hollow place in a solid body or mass; a cavity; may the holes in your marriage be small and easy to climb out of and may you always be able to look back and learn from those moments

friend [frend] –n.
a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard; may your marriage be rich with good friends and good laughs and may your friends always be there to help you along your journey

[mar-ij] –noun
the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as
husband and wife by legal commitments or religious ceremonies

I hope that your love will always burn as bright as the Olympic torch did that wonderful February evening. May your passion and affection for each other rival that of the many talented athletes you were privileged to witness during the 2010 Winter Olympics. May your hearts forgive Tiffany for not being there to snap a few photos of the big moment that night and may you forever cherish the random couple standing behind you who happened to be professional photographers to capture the moment instead. May your marriage bring memories galore; memories that you will always feel compelled to add to the book Tama gifted to you during her speech. May those memories include times of love, times with friends, times with family, and times of everyday activities. Always remember, marriage comes with it’s ups and downs. As it is such a wonderful blessing to join to two people into one, take it from Bundy (Chad Christensen), even if you find yourself in a 12 foot deep hole and even if takes a while for someone to walk by and help you out, we, the witnesses and non-witnesses from your wedding, will always be there to throw in a ladder to help pull you back out and back on your journey of making many happy memories. And, even if Machine (Adam Ryan) is involved with consumption of many drinks and chaos that lead to you falling into that hole, trust me, he will be the first friend there to help pull you back out.

– Congratulations –

With Love,

Karen + Damian,

Who knew the adventure that was ahead when we met, eh?  Through all the details that consume life, you have to admire when you are given truly serendipitous moments like meeting you both and having the entire experience come full circle by sharing your beautiful wedding with you.  We really enjoyed jumping on the boats (Wendy with the ladies; Byron with the men) and traveling to this beautiful jungle/beach/getaway that is Las Calentas, Mexico.  Kelley and the whole  Vallarta Adventures team did an amazing job to help make sure all went off smoothly.  It was great to see both you and Damian truly relaxed, happy and enjoying the moment!  Your friends, family and guests were super gracious and welcoming.  Thank you again for choosing us to capture your story; we hope you cherish these images for a lifetime together to come.

All the best,

B + W

As always, many thanks to the main vendor: Vallarta Adventures
Inclusive package: Venue, Bar (All the tequila servers!), Catering, Boat Crew, Coordinator (Kelley-amazing), DJ (Axel), Officiant (Brad)…they are all-around superstars.

vallarta adventures boat to las calentas mexico wedding

9am start, the ladies are off to Las Calentas!  Thanks for humoring me ladies with this shot 🙂

vallarta adventures boat to las calentas mexico wedding2

A little later, the men got in the ahhh…inflatable?  A candid of them all carrying their suits aboard and wading out…

las calentas mexico wedding 3

las calentas mexico wedding 4

One of many beautiful parrots that inhabit the area 🙂

las calentas mexico wedding 5

Sparkling Michael Kors to match the beautiful dress 🙂

las calentas mexico wedding 6

Now about that dress….Rita (mother-in-law), I have to give you major props for steaming for at least 3 hours to make sure the humidity didn’t create a single wrinkle!

las calentas mexico wedding 7

Karen, with curlers in her hair, adding the final touches of makeup outside, under the sun and palm fronds.

las calentas mexico wedding 8

All the girls deciding on what jewelry will Karen wear…fun girl time 🙂

las calentas mexico wedding 9

las calentas mexico wedding 10

One of my favorite ring shots of the year…the sparkle and fronds just glow!

las calentas mexico wedding 11

Karen, you’re gorge!!  Such a beautiful smile 🙂

las calentas mexico wedding 13

Karen + Damian chose to have a ‘first look’ and this is the nervous moment just before…

las calentas mexico wedding 14

las calentas mexico wedding 16

las calentas mexico wedding 17

While Wendy was capturing pre-ceremony venue details, I got to have a little fun with the ladies and the bride!

las calentas mexico wedding 18

las calentas mexico wedding 19

las calentas mexico wedding 20

Love this shot!  Why you ask?  Because all the ladies are wearing heels…that have so nicely sunk into the sand.

las calentas mexico wedding 21

las calentas mexico wedding 22

A very touching farewell kiss…

las calentas mexico wedding 23

This shot captivates me, knowing these two…this serene moment says it all.

las calentas mexico wedding 24

las calentas mexico wedding 25

Karen + Damian had a sand ceremony, bringing together two to one…right as they were at the end of the pour, they both had wonderful smiles.

las calentas mexico wedding 26

las calentas mexico wedding 27

las calentas mexico wedding 28

One of the BIG surprises (to all the guests) were the fire dancers….one of the BIG surprises to Karen + Damian were that they go SO close!

las calentas mexico wedding 29

The hundreds of candles, tiki torches and stars lit up the beach and sky…it was a magnificent night!


This had to be a Paradise Wedding. Absolutely breathtaking!!!