August 1, 2013

To: Steve, From: Kandi; Cathedral Park Portland, Oregon Pre-Wedding Engagement Photography

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My Dearest Steve,

We met eleven years ago on October, 6th when we were both a part of Liz and Alex’s wedding party.  So refreshing to meet a man like you! We seemed to have a good connection from the start, since you asked for my phone number and then tagged along with me and another bridesmaid after the wedding.  It was comfortable to take our relationship slow and really build a strong foundation of friendship before we agreed to date only each other six months after meeting.  When we decided to commit to each other, this was the first time in my life I gave up the single life and really started to think about us in all decisions going forward.  I hadn’t done this with my prior relationships and I knew something was very special about you and our relationship. I found myself enjoying not just focusing on taking care of myself but more and more on nourishing and building our relationship together.

Over the years you have become my best friend; I love how honest and open we can be with each other.  I think our best quality as a couple is our willingness to communicate and share things with each other.  You have taught me there isn’t always a right way to do things; we often get to the same place using different paths.  We started out two people who were very different from one another in many ways. It amazes me how much we have both chosen to grow towards each other, leaving the parts of us that were extremely different in our pasts in preference of becoming two individuals who stand as unique people but when together have found ways to successfully live our lives more similarly than differently…I love the fact that we grow closer together each day of every year.  Of course, we still have a lot of differences, but I’m glad we have learned to work on our challenges and not give up on the amazing relationship we have created together.

My favorite times are those we spend together at home just being silly and making each other laugh. When we met, you brought a lot of joy to my life and anytime I’m having a bad day…I’m able to think about you, our love and how wonderful it is to come home to you. Thinking of you when we are not together makes me smile. I’m so glad I’ve found the love of my life!

Why is it so easy to love you?  Your kind heart touches me in a place my heart that was untouched before I met you.   Everyday some little thing happens that shows me how much you care.  You love to surprise me when I least expect it. You encourage me to chase my dreams and support me to strive hard to meet my goals.  Your sense of humor always keeps me laughing and I love your playful spirit.  You are smart and influence me to learn new things. You are easy going and patient with me all the time. These are the delightful qualities about you that keep me coming home to you every day.

I’m excited to become your wife in August. I can’t wait to stand up in front of our friends and family and confess my love for you as I become Mrs. Womack.  Thank you for all the fun adventures and amazing memories over the last eleven years and I look forward to our future together; I know we have amazing things ahead of us. I can’t wait to begin the next part of this remarkable journey together!


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* Special thanks to the fabulous Powder, Inc and Nicole Wagner for Kandi’s lovely hair/makeup combo!