April 5, 2018

{Veronica + Ben} Winter Engagement Wedding Photography, Old Mill District; Bend, Oregon

Crazy Bend, Oregon weather for the start of our engagement photography session with Veronica + Ben!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of engagement and wedding photos when it’s snowing – in fact if we do it right the images totally rock, but when it starts to look like we just stepped into a down pillow I’m not a fan, (nor would my couples be as well!).  Luckily, we were able to capture a number of fantastic moments prior to the mini-blizzard that occurred.

Now back at the truck while watching the blowing snow and it’s time for option#2 as we make our way to the Old Mill District to shoot a little under some cover (not too many places to hid from a storm out in nature that is).  Well worth it as smiles from a much warmer Veronica + Ben allowed some of my favorites from today’s shoot come through.  But just like that, the sky parted, the sun started coming out and the blizzard was gone so we now went in search of some snowy backgrounds which we found and allowed our session to end on a high note for sure.  Thanks Veronica + Ben for your fun nature and ability to roll!!  Wendy and I are really looking forward to our adventures at your Pronghorn wedding later this year!