February 18, 2020

Wedding Albums are the future! Pronghorn Resort Wedding Photography

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What’s the best way you and your loved ones can enjoy all those amazing memories from your wedding day story?….ah, the question every bride and groom asks us! In our professional opinion the only way to truly tell your story and give it the honor it deserves is with a family heirloom album that will last generations.

I always tell couples that their wedding will most likely be the largest family reunion in their lifetime. Yes, it’s a lot to grasp but it’s true. Grandparents, parents, children of every age, friends from k-12, friends from college, work friends….the list goes on. It’s a rare and wonderful opportunity we have to spend this day with ALL the ones we love!

Here’s a beautiful Pronghorn Resort wedding album going out soon. The album is a 12 x 12 size and I’m totally digging the off white leather cover! Very very swank!! Our studio is very proud to say that each one of our albums is custom designed in house and hand built in the USA!