October 29, 2010

To Karin + Fabrizio, From Marja + Matt; Wedding Photography Orvieto, Italy – Part 1

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Dear Karin and Fabrizio,

I hope you both know how much we love you and it meant so much to us to be with you on your wedding day.

Fabrizio – Yay…I now have you and Marizio for brothers. Now I really need to learn Italian for our next trip to Italy. I’m already studying. Kar – I’m so happy that you found, and married, a wonderful guy. You are the best sister and I love you very much.

I think I should now write some great advice for marriage, but you two do not need it. It is obvious you love each other and that is the important part.

Love you lots,

Marja and Matt

Karin + Fabrizio,

As you know, we have been looking forward to this for months (as I’m sure you have!).  From the moment Limoncello’s landed surprisingly on our table, you two welcomed us with open arms and quickly brought us up to speed with your family and closest friends.  The wedding was an explosion of grandness and beauty from all angles, with lots of humor and ease.  Bringing two cultures, American (bride) and Italian (groom), together I’m sure was a challenge but you would never know it because everything went off without hitch and everyone was SO warm and friendly…substituting hand gestures and hugs when they didn’t have the words.

Quite honestly, we couldn’t fit everything into one post.  So, we’ve decided to break it up into two posts, this one including getting ready, the ceremony and a touch of the portraits.  We’ll round out the portraits, details and reception in the next one 🙂

We were humbled by the entire experience and fostered friendships with you both and others beyond expectation.  Thank you again for helping us break into the Italian market, we hope to be back soon!  More than anything, best wishes and love to you both as you start your new journey together.

All the best,

B + W

English/Italian Translation (Google) (just copy and paste text above)

**Update: Review Part 2 of their Italian Wedding

Rodo’s are worn by the famous and these have Swarovski crystals embedded in the heel.

Olive trees and Olive Oil is plentiful in Tuscany 🙂  Karin wore this champagne dress with rabbit fur cover.

A little Bambino decided to break open your private label wine a little early 🙂

Karin being pampered by her two closest friends and witnesses, Angela and Yeshia on the way to meet her groom.

Teatro (Theater) Mancinelli, the magnificent room on the side of the main theater was the setting for the semi-traditional ceremony.

In Italian tradition, the bride and groom sit and face away from their guests.

Love the light on your dress here Karin…the moment before the kiss 🙂

Facing the guests after being pronounced husband and wife!

In the main theater, everyone gathered on stage to take a large group shot…this should be blown up to a 20 x 30 🙂

On their way out, Karin and Fabrizio were mauled by their friends and family with rice…it was very amusing as they picked it out of their hair for the next 30 mins.

The beauty of Italian streets and culture….on the way to the Duomo (the largest church in each city).

The Duomo in Orvieto was MAGNIFICENT.

Back at the Agriturismo La Rocca (getting ready and reception site), we had the pleasure of shooting among fall colored vineyards and olive groves.

Fabrizio was donned in Dolce & Gabbana shoes (just like his nephew) with a stellar getup (a tie knot I’ve never seen before!).

…. Stay tuned for Part 2 🙂


Gorgeous photographs. You can tell how much fun everyone had at the wedding. I also LOVE the details you captured. Amazing work!

Francie Kibby

It is really fun to see all of the fantastic photos. We are now home just thinking back over the trip. So fun to meet Fabrizio’s family and your friends. Wonderful people. Love, Mom

Kelsi Erkkila

Wow! the pictures are really fantastic. I love the one of them in the vineyard!

Kimberly Teichrow

Fantastic. Can’t wait to hear stories in person!