March 3, 2020

Wedding Elopement Photography in Bend, Oregon and Central Oregon with Byron Roe


Elopements in Bend, Oregon come in all shapes and sizes but one thing holds true in that they are small, intimate weddings that center on a special location without all the fanfare of a traditional wedding. Central Oregon is home to some of the best locations on earth to have an engagement if you are looking for intimate settings.

For 12 years I’ve had the privilege of playing a part in many intimate elopements and each one is memorable. I love that I get to know couples on a much more intimate level with this time spent and sometimes I even get to sign the marriage certificate as a witness.

From the forest areas surrounding the Cascade Mountain Range and high lakes such as Sparks or Todd Lakes to the high desert rock walls of Smith Rock State Park we’ve got areas that are truly one of a kind. I’ve even had the awesome experience of capturing an elopement at a Baskin Robbins!! One of the beauties of an elopement is getting to have your ceremony in specific locations unavailable for a wedding venue. For an elopement I say go big or go home!!!

Three cheers to all the elopement’s coming up in the 2020 year. I can’t wait for all the adventures I’ll get to share!!