March 17, 2011

WPPI Photographer’s Ignite Video and Presentation

By: Wendy Roe
The WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) Conference in Las Vegas, NV every year is the largest wedding/portrait photographer’s tradeshow out there – we’re talking 15,000 photographers with over 300 vendors.  CRAZY.

At the very end of the long, exciting week, Photographer’s Ignite began.  Ignite presentations are 5 minutes, 20 slides (rotating automatically after 15 seconds) on a hybrid of entertainment, knowledge and laughter.  After a proposal process, I was selected to be one of the limited few (and handful of newbie public speakers) to present.  It was an honor and a priviledge to speak to everyone on a topic near and dear to my heart as much as photography.  The topic was ” The Where To Start Guide To Web Marketing – As It Pertains To Your Love Life.”

I studied like I hadn’t studied in 10 years.  I practiced like it was a final exam in college.  I fumbled 4 times in a run through 10 minutes before I went on stage.  I was originally supposed to go after Jasmine Star (which would make anyone scared!).  There were 1,500 folks…waiting.

Seeing the video, as it was released today, was the last breath of relief that I did okay!  It was the best I could do and for that I’m proud.  Proud of overcoming the thump, thump, thump…which was all I could hear when I was presenting.

I couldn’t have done it without the support of my friends (who came over and did a run through with me), my old co-workers at Smart Solutions (who held a company lunch so I could practice on them), my sister (who heard it 10s of times over Skype)….and my husband – who laughed even though he’d heard it A LOT.  Thank you, thank you for your support.

Here’s the VIDEO and some snapshots!  View all the speakers videos or the rest of the Photographer’s Ignite Photo Gallery



Kevin Kubota in his opening Ignite – and words that always remind me of him (above)


ME!!  With my scared notes in my hand, which thankfully I didn’t have to reference.

Kevin Kubota’s famous ‘Laying Down Game.’  Made for some good laughs at the end 🙂

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Speakers (left to right, back to front): Wendy Roe, Vicki Taufer, Scott Bourne, Jules Bianchi and Joy Bianchi Brown, The Boudoir Divas, Tracey Taylor and Dee Green, Kirsten Lewis, Tamara Lackey, Jason Groupp, Rosaura Sandoval, Taylor Jackson, Kevin Kubota, Lydia Shannon, Jasmine Star, Dale Benfield, [b]ecker




Wen, Talking in front of 1500 people…yikes! I’d say you you did more than OK! Congrats on rising to this awesome challenge. Love you, Mom