August 7, 2018

{Zin Min + Parker} Wedding Photography Tetherow Resort; Bend, Oregon


Wendy and I love, love, love weddings that honor the cultural histories of both the bride and groom.  I guess you could say it makes us feel like the worlds a small place (even when we’re not traveling the world) and we’re all in this together!  For {Zin Min + Parker’s} wedding at Tetherow Resort in Bend, Oregon we had the wonderful history of the Chinese culture intertwined with Zin Min’s Burmese heritage.  Lot’s going on with a traditional gatecrash where Parker and his groomsmen are made to pass test’s designed by Zin Min’s brides maids in order for Parker to enter the room and see Zin Min for the first time.  These guys had to do tests ranging from eating and drinking (possibly) yucky things to getting out of their comfort zone by mimicking certain movies (such as Brides Maids)!

In the end Parker passed the gatecrash (whew!) and on came the traditional tea ceremony where both Zin Min + Parker kneel in front of parents and other family members while serving tea to each person.  This is also a time when gifts to the wedding couple are exchanged as well as wishes (and wise thoughts) for a long and happy marriage.  The intimacy and connection during this tea ceremony is really an amazing sight in that it’s really a one on one time to slow down and say thank you to the people who’ve had an influence in Zin Min + Parkers life.  After capturing in photos Zin Min in her traditional red gown it was time to get ready for the ceremony by putting her wedding dress on and having her father put her veil on.

Some things we’ll surly remember from the ceremony and reception are the wonderfully long veil of Zin Min having a mind of it’s own in the wind and creating these beautiful shapes (and the brides maids hold her veil during the ceremony!), ice cream trucks, fun fun fun father/daughter choreographed dance & a great choreographed bride/groom dance as well, insane clouds during the day and a blazing red/orange sunset and….lots of bubbles for a send off!  Congratulations to you both!!  Enjoy!!!

Special thank you to the team of vendors that made Zin Min + Parker’s wedding memorable for them:

Thank you for hosting us (ceremony, reception, catering, bar):  Tetherow Resort

Thank you for making the day run so smoothly!!:  Ashley Mitchell of Actually Ashley Events

Thank you for the fabulous hair & makeup for the ladies:  Cassidy Elise

Thank you for the insanely beautiful flowers:  Bend Bouquets

Thank you for the work of art wedding cake: Too Sweet Cakes

Thank you for the ice cream treats: Addy Macs Ice Cream Truck

Thank you for the beats:  Bend Event Sound

Thank you for those details that make a difference:  Heirloom & Co.