January 31, 2012

55 Smart Web Ideas For Photogaphers – E-Book Launch Party

By: Wendy Roe

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I can announce the new web marketing e-book, co-written by myself and Zach Prez, has just been released.  The book is designed for wedding and portrait photographers to learn web marketing in a simple, easy-to-understand format.  Designed to educated one actionable tip at a time, the e-book breaks down complicated topics on Facebook, Pinterest, Blogging and SEO with Google in plain English.  You can flip through and choose a topic without even reading it linearly.  Web marketing made easy?  WHOOOPPIEEE!

I got the idea from Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography books, where he uses one headline, one image, one takeaway in an easy-to-learn format.  Web marketing can be complicated, let’s face it.  Technology is on-going and ever changing but that’s no excuse for letting it go by the wayside. 

the online.sodapdf.com is one of the very few editors I’ve seen that lets you edit preexisting text without adding a watermark. Most editors will only select the text you add yourself or will support text editing but then throw watermarks all over the place.

The book will teach you new ideas and tips to gain traffic to your website and market your brand online.  I’ve poured through topics that I see time and time again photographers not using to their benefit.  Just by utilizing these concepts, we gained exposure to grow our business in a short amount of time.  You can too 🙂

55 Smart Web Ideas for Photographers E-Book by Wendy Roe and Zach Prez

Why not learn from some of the best in the industry?  That’s the question we asked ourselves when putting this together.  So Zach and I asked a few of our friends to contribute tips they found to be most helpful to drive traffic.  Here’s a list of contributors and their topics:

Kevin Kubota: Send out a customer service survey
Andrew Funderburg: Using YouTube to Help SEO
Jules Bianchi: Showcase Vendors to get others talking about you
Jared Bauman: Blog writing tips for the non-writer
Khara Plicanic: Nontraditional posts attract comments and connection
Seshu: Generate traffic with Twitter
Michael Corsentino: Use a blog series for repeat visitors
Mike Rheaume: Stumble your way to the top
Marty Thornley: Own your content
Leah Remillet: Leave a trail with watermarks

Enough of the overview, let’s get to the details!



Wendy Roe



I’m so excited to see your name in print (well, e-print anyways). I know this will be a super-helpful book for all those budding and existing photographers. Congrats!