August 16, 2010

Grab Your Facebook Username – Limited Supply! Web Marketing For Wedding Photographers

Cheesy sales tactic I know, I know but this is important and takes literally 1 minute.

Why It’s Important:
Claiming your business Facebook (FB) username is as important as claiming your domain name of your website, once you secure it, no one else can get it.  It’s an easy way to change the URL of your facebook page…



Not only is it easier to market but it’s nice and clean in your Google results too (see example below)

How To Do It:

1)   Start a FB business page if you don’t have one already (

2)   Gather at least 25 fans or friends/family that ‘like’ the page (down from the previous 100 required)

3)   Login and claim your username (

  1. You must be an admin of the business page you’re trying to claim
  2. Make sure you’re claiming your business page (It says ‘Set Username for Pages’ and NOT your personal profile with your business name – VERY IMPORTANT.

It’s difficult to impossible to change your username after you’ve claimed it or if it’s already been claimed by someone else (or your personal profile accidentally), you would have to get creative and come up with another username.

Now you have a marketing URL that’s easy to remember for your clients, great for Google and can be utilized on traditional marketing material, emails, business cards and more.  Don’t DELAY, go for it before it’s too late.