December 10, 2010

“A Bride And A Lamborghini”… Just For Fun

I’ve always been a car guy and since we’re wedding photographers I had to some how figure out a way to make my passion for Italian supercars, (really what lady doesn’t have an appreciation for these?!) flow with the theme.  Well as luck has it, a friend of a friend not only owns a beautiful bright orange Lamborghini Gallardo, he also was willing to take the time and let us coordinate with a model to create the photo shoot you see below. I’ve worked with our “bride” Taylor recently at the flash workshop and thought she had the perfect look for this shoot.  Donner Flower Shop in Bend was gracious to donate a beautiful bouquet at the drop of a hat once I explained to them what I was doing.  The entire bride shoot was captured at the Bend Airport, which had the open landscape we were hoping for.

You also might notice in one of the images a red ’67 mustang convertible.  I thought it’d be cool to get the American icon of muscle cars together with the Lamborghini.  Thanks to everyone who helped our with this shoot including:  Josh, Nichole, Taylor (you are so awesome to work with by the way!), Ian and his friend, and of course my beautiful wife Wendy.


My favorite photo is the last one and my apologies to Taylor but, in this case, the car is more beautiful than the “bride!” Although this lady (=me) could never get into the thing, I l-o-v-e the car!