January 28, 2011

A Humble Tribute To A Great Man: Dr. Sidney Drobnes

So often this blog is about the start of your wedding journey; this is a post about the end of a life-long marriage – the marriage of my grandparents.  Last weekend, would have been the 70th anniversary (YES, that’s 70 years of marriage) of my grandparents.  Sadly, my grandfather, Dr. Sidney Drobnes, passed away at 98 just a few weeks ago of natural causes. My grandmother, at 93, offered a lovely tribute to her husband and life partner to a large crowd of family, friends and supporters.

My grandfather was humble gentleman – a Jewish, American medical student in Germany from 1933 – 1938, a neurology psychiatrist that always put his patients first, the youngest of a family of seven children, a father that secretly gave treats and gifts to my mom and uncle, a quiet man that always had a punch line and a laugh when he did speak, a world traveler that found joy in life experiences, a hobbyist photographer that traded his old Leica for his first car, a lover of the arts and humanity that spread through to me.

He was a man that was well loved.

Man I have good genes….

Wendy Roe

drobnes funeral 1

drobnes funeral 2

My 93 year old grandmother – Ruth Drobnes

drobnes funeral 3

A stream of supporters and welcome hugs…

drobnes funeral 4

…and many introductions to the family.

drobnes funeral 5

My uncle, Bill, known for his emotions flowing, did a great job!

drobnes funeral 6

drobnes funeral 7

My mom highlighting stories, world trips and sharing fond memories of her father for those that didn’t know him as well.

drobnes funeral 8

My grandmother won’t like this shot…but I love her staring off as my mom reads her stories.

drobnes funeral 9

A tear here and there….

drobnes funeral 10

drobnes funeral 11

My grandfather’s long time, 30 year work partner at the VA hospital giving a beautiful toast.


Thanks, Wen. This is a lovely tribute that adds more warm sentiment to the celebration of my Dad’s life that my mother organized. I’m sorry that there is not a picture of you talking “off the cuff” because you did a beautiful job, as did everyone who spoke. My favorite photo is of my brother wiping his eyes behind the plant. You are the best honey bun!

The pictures are wonderful sis. You’re right, I don’t think Grammy will like that one picture of her, but I love it nonetheless! Thanks for putting these together. xo