December 30, 2009

Business Portraits With Jeff Coffey Of StreamiT Media

My friend Jeff Coffey is a true visionary and his company StreamiT Media has been working frantically on an exciting project that will change how video content will be dealt with on the web.  Wanting to make sure he had his business portraits set when calls him up for a cover shot, Jeff and I spent one morning recently working together.  We always have a great time together in social or work settings and this was no different.

I’ve always had an interest in fashion/interior design/architecture, (maybe it’s my Italian roots showing through) and even though I never went to school for it or worked in the industry, I’m seeing that looking at all those GQ, Elle Decor, etc. magazines when I was younger wasn’t a waste of time as it really helps me to envision lots of options during a photoshoot and in this case allowed me to manipulate his wardrobe choices to get the results you see below.   Please take a look at their website for more information:  StreamiT Media