February 1, 2011

The Right Person, The Right Moment – Family Portraits; Bend, Oregon


There’s times in your life when the right person comes along at the right time – out of the blue – and forever makes an impact.  Sharon is one of those special people, with big smiles and an even bigger heart.  She was a recommendation from a former bride when we were on the hunt for a caretaker for our dogs during our recent wedding shoot in Mexico.  Our ‘kids’ (our dogs, Miles and Dizzy of course!) were getting older and needed some extra special attention.  Dizzy has been having some trouble with a tumor on her arm and we thought it would be best to have someone take care of her and stay at the house.

The worst happened and during our trip, Dizzy very rapidly went downhill and passed away.  Without Sharon’s dedication and love, the experience would have been extremely difficult (as it was, losing a pet you’ve spent 13 years with is tough enough!).  There’s not enough gratitude in the world that we can share to say thank you.  As a tribute and small token of thanks, we invited Sharon and her adorable 12 year Boston Terrier, Brodie, to do some formal portraits.

Sharon, you are a God-send and true friend.

Many, many thanks,

B + W


LOVE this – just wanna kiss his forehead.

These are the kind of shots where I wonder what Brodie is thinking….

Ultimate bliss – smothered with love!

Byron: “Brodie!  Brodie, over here”  Brodie: “huh?”


LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this… shall I say more? So sweet… so handsome Brodie is… so beautiful my friend Sharon is… inside and out.