October 21, 2010

Adventures in Florence, Siena and Montepulciano

After being here for a week, I’m finding that it seems fairly unlikely that we will come across any area not breathtakingly beautiful in Italy. Maybe it’s that we all need to take trips like this more often to allow ourselves to become more adventurous and inquisitive? I can’t remember the last time I looked at a decaying wall and was moved.

On the adventurous side, I’m seeing that my lack of Italian actually allows me to meet more people as I try to converse with my hands more than my mouth, (which for some of you who know me might think this a huge undertaking on my part) and in the end the whole episode ends up becoming a big comedy routine…much to the amusement of all around.

As I write this, I’m sitting in this small Piazza in Montepulciano. The sun is finally out; the tourists are wandering, (but thankfully there aren’t a ton!) and I can’t stop looking and wondering in amazement.


So why do we call it Florence?

The Italian style!

Near the Ponte Vecchio there were all these locks inscribed with names.  Not sure what it signified?  Love lost or love bound?

Rain or shine, gelato wins out.


It always helps to have a small, stylish car when driving in mountain towns.

What would YOU be thinking?


Love your photos and comments. You’ve captured it. The Italy bug. Good luck,,, because it’s chronic.

Grammy Ruth

Your pictures are wonderful, Byron. Italy was my first trip to Europe and the country we went to first on subsequent trips. I believe travel companys would want to use your interesting views and unique photos as advertisements. Try it! Love to you all, Grammy Ruth

Love the guy in the guy in the shorts! priceless! Looks like your having a lot of fun!