July 14, 2010

To Christoffer, From Mandy: Engagement Photography San Francisco, CA



As a little girl I used to stare up at the moon and wonder if somewhere in the world the boy I was going to marry might be looking at it at the same time. I never dreamed that the answer would be no because it was daytime where he was playing, laughing and growing in to the man I love today.

While I can’t wait to walk down the aisle toward you and share our wedding day with the people we love, I most look forward to sharing a life with you and discovering the man, the husband, and the father that you have yet to grow in to.

Jeg elsker dig,

Din lille skat

Mandy + Christoffer,

Since we hadn’t met face to face, we didn’t know what to expect but we have to say…thank you!  It was awesome to hit the ground running and the flow was easy throughout the shoot; that all elusive ‘click’ was an easy fit with you two.  I’m so glad you were both able to getting in some special smooch time prior to Christoffer’s trip back to Denmark 🙂  Sadly, the afternoon fog rolled in but it didn’t stop all the beautiful cityscape of San Francisco, CA to come alive.  Our goal was to shoot some city texture, get some great moments and have a different take on some of the icons of the city.  We can’t wait to meet up again for your wedding!

All the best,

B + W

We started the day at Swensen’s, a special spot for them….pssst, it was their first date 🙂

Mandy just had to do this pose!  She does this at every special occasion in her life and promises to do it again in her wedding dress!

I love the way the blue POPs here!  Grawrrr…these two had no problem sharing kisses with the camera.

Love this hidden moment and the color, iron and cracks of the buildings.

One of our favs from the session, the light reflection, red stairs and Mandy a beauty.

Again, one of our favs…sure those looking from the bus were smiling.  ahhhh, love.

Couldn’t help but snap a shot here; Christoffer grabbed the Financial Times and they said this is pretty close to normal for them 🙂

A different view from a famous San Francisco icon – Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory

Mandy’s eyes are striking and we couldn’t help but get some close ups…

…and Christoffer’s weren’t far behind!

One of the favs from the day…just love the serenity of this shot 🙂

Another famous icon, we happy talked the driver to give us a few minutes.  They had 100 people waiting and watching 🙂


Love the two closeups and the “serenity” photo on the trolly. What great photographers you both are!