September 21, 2012

{Andy + Elise} Schloss Neuhardenberg, Germany Wedding Photography – Part 2


In case you missed Part 1: {Andy + Elise} Schloss Neuhardenberg, Germany Wedding Photography – Part 1

Ah yes, the wedding day has arrived.  Since Schloss Neuhardenberg was about 40k from Berlin, Wendy was able to hitch a ride with Elise and her bridesmaids and I jumped in with Andy and his groomsmen.  The banter in the guys car was hilarious and I truly began to appreciate the depth of friendships these two have created over the years.  The Schloss (castle) itself, in addition to other buildings on the estate, all played a part in the wedding.  Elise and her bridal party all get ready in the largest stateroom on the 2nd floor, (this will be the married couples room for the night) and the guys got ready in one of the estates hotel rooms.  I love going back and forth some times to the different rooms because it’s so interesting to see the differences between the two.  Elise had classical music playing and all the ladies were in a state of either having their hair, makeup or clothing taken care of with relaxation and champagne and on the guys side it was more or less a comedy session of joking and laughter.

I really loved the interior of this Schloss by the way.  With it’s huge chandeliers, statues, oil paintings, and brilliantly colored walls everywhere I turned I wanted to place them to photograph.  The ceremony was held on the backside of the Schloss adjacent to a beautiful pond and flowing trees perfected with a giant Hollywood style red carpet aisle.  Elise’s brother was the English translator and a friend was the officiant and spoke German.  Together they told a heartfelt and funny story of how Andy and Elise met and their lives together up to that point.  When the kiss was complete, it was off for hors d’ oeuvres, dinner, fantastic toasts and dancing that without a doubt would have gone on till the next morning if it wasn’t for the bus that needed to take everyone back to Berlin!  For me, (like each and every wedding), I had such a great time amongst everyone that once I was finished and could put away my camera, I finally made it a point to share that special drink amongst new friends.  Cheers to the happy couple and here’s to your continued success in London!

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B + W

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**Not the best but here’s a link to copy/paste for the German translation

{Artist Series}

Fabulous, Elise!  The window light here is heavenly.






One of our favorite shots 🙂









One of their friends had a ‘360’ camera…you pull a string and it zips around in a circle taking a 360 degree panoramic!  How cool is that!

Ring ‘oh la la’














In case you missed Part 1: {Andy + Elise} Schloss Neuhardenberg, Germany Wedding Photography – Part 1