November 11, 2011

Downtown San Diego CA Wedding Photography Inspiration Workshop


Wrapping up the last day of Pictage PartnerCon 2011 in San Diego, CA, we jumped at the opportunity to participate in some continuing educational and shooting wedding photography workshops.  Wendy shot with Sara France in a fabulous industrial location in downtown San Diego with a single bride (Chelsea) and a bride/groom (Tracy + Matt, wedding photographers in their own right!) and Byron shot video with the Bui Brothers in the nearby Padres Park with a couple as a mock engagement session.

Below are the fun selects from the Sara France workshop…seriously couldn’t have asked for a better location, better models and fun group!  We’re digging the style you bring, Sara!  Also, special thanks to the Bliss Events for the dresses!

Happy Friday!

B + W

{Artist Series}

One of our favorites with Chelsea…and one of the last frames with her.


Pin-up worthy…seriously Tracy.

Another favorite…you couldn’t have asked for better light!


Chelsea looking mighty fabulous!  We didn’t use flash during this workshop but I did sneak in one frame where I lit up the large fan on the right image.  Couldn’t help myself!


One of our favorites of the day!


Matt and his stylin’ self 🙂  Loved how the shoes matched the tie and I’m sorry but hats on men just work.




Dueling brides….

Sara has some great video lights that we played with a bunch; here, Chelsea has two lights on her.



Our group of 15 all huddled behind Sara.

Sara at work with Tracy.



WOW!! Tracy you look amazing!! Do I not work for one of the most gorgeous girls out there, or what??? How awesome to see Matt and Tracy together for a shoot. Wendy… you did a fabulous job!

Thanks Kris! So nice to meet you 🙂 Thanks for the compliment, it was so much fun! Thanks for all you did as well…

Hi! It’s Kris, Sara’s assistant. Your shots are stunning!! Glad I found your biz card and took a peek.

Traces parents

Love the pictures of Tracy. She is so beautiful and smart and talented and personable. We are very proud!