June 25, 2010

{Emily + David} Wedding – McMenamins Bend, Oregon

This awesome San Francisco couple were such a joy to photograph.  Their wedding, hosted by McMenamins Old St. Francis, got the brunt of the weird weather Bend has been having lately but thankfully, when you’re surrounded by your best friends and family, even the weather can’t get you down.

Everything from the getting ready toasts, the ‘first sighting’ under the arbor, the umbrella shots to the ceremonial flowers and kiss had a sparkle to them.  Even when the rain was a damper, it helped the colors become more vibrant – isn’t it good luck anyway?

The absolute highlight came at the very end of the evening right as we were ready to go.  We said briefly, gosh it’d be great to get some shots in the soaking pool area and Emily replied, ‘Yeah!  Let’s do it’ – grabbed David and that was it.  She casually dipped her feet in for relief when we briefly mentioned that we’d always wanted to shoot a bride in her dress in the pool.  Inch by inch, she said “what about this?”  Then…she went for it 🙂  She looked like a goddess and I can’t imagine how that must have felt after the energy of the day.  We weren’t expecting such fearlessness (it was a like a trash the dress session on the wedding day!) but were like, yeah GO FOR IT!

Thank you, Emily + David for such a FUN day and choosing to share your shining moment with us.

All the best,

B + W

First frame of the day out the camera and it’s a keeper.

Here are the bridesmaids picking out wedding jewelry and completely oblivious to how adorable they all look in their rollers.

The ladies toast with cosmos…

…the men toast with PBRs 🙂

<teary> The father-in-law hugs the bride in a moment of bliss at first sighting of her in her dress.</teary>

Love the macro for ring shots!

Bride and Matron of Honor right before the ‘first sighting.’

Groomsmen crash the ‘first sighting’ moment 🙂

5 minutes before the rain but man does it make for great exposure!

…and rain cometh.  Sadly it decided to gush right at the family photos, which put a temporary damper on things.

When the rain past, the smiles came again!

Bride and Father of the Bride headed toward the aisle…

With a ceremonial offering, friends and family placed flowers around the Bride + Groom.

The ring exchange.

75% frosting, 25% cake…and all of it DELICIOUS!

…he thought it was delicious too!  Too bad we didn’t get frosting on the nose – that would have been cute 🙂

Mini-cake and cupcakes by Kellie’s Cakes

For details, they had custom printed matches, dated M & Ms and custom wine classes for guest gifts – beautiful.

Love this casual, classic shot.  Camera unaware, playing with the dress.

The first dance out back at O’Kanes.  DJ by Star Productions

Father, daughter dance under the light globes 🙂

As one of the highlights of the evening and one of our all-time favorite shots, Emily decided to take a dip in the soaking pool with her dress 🙂

Kath & Kevin Golding

Our Dear Ones,
Looking through Byron & Wendy’s amazing shots has been terrific! With the busyness of the day, we didn’t get a lot of time to visit with many of the friends & family who traveled from far & near to be there. Looking through the pics, we have loved remembering the different milestones of the day (& the loved-ones who shared them) through the talented lenses of Byron & Wendy: the preparation, ceremony, dances & toasts…even little Maecy’s breathtaking rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

We want to congratulate you both on the beauty & warmth of the day (in spite of the unseasonably chilly weather). We want to applaud all of the meticulous planning (and those who worked so hard to bring those plans to fruition) and especially acknowlege our delight in meeting & sharing time with Dave’s large & loving family. Donna & Mike (Marvin, Amy & all), we ADORE Dave, and understand more, now, about how he became the strong, principled, loving & unpretentious man he is. Their home truly is the “Home That Love Built”, and we feel so blessed that our girl & your boy have found, through lives led with careful discernment, the partner, best friend & mate that can complete the visions of happiness they have both held within. Brightest blessings and thank you again, Byron & Wendy, for your artists’ touch in chronicalling the engagement & marriage of these two extraordinary young people!

Nancy Sabino

Gorgeous photos. Sorry I couldn’t be there. Sounds like all went well eventually and I know that your grandfather would have been pleased. Happy life.

Nancy Sabino

Great share, thanks for posting. I am looking forward for more!

Donna Scholler (Mom)

My Dearest Children,
I totally enjoyed your beautiful wedding. I have not been to a more beautifully executed event than your wedding for as long as I remember. You are a truly beautiful woman and I am so pleased to welcome you as a daughter. David is a lucky man. I know your lives together will be a wondrous journey full of love.
It was a real treat to get to see so many members of our extended families. We got a chance to meet new friends and say hello to old friends and family. Thank you both so much.

Suzanne Sanford

I’m so thrilled to see these wonderful pictures. I was so sick and disappointed to miss your big day. The pictures and video let me share in your wonderful day.
You were a beautiful bride! Be happy!
Best wishes,

Herschall Rose

Emily, you are the most beautiful bride! I love you so very very much. I know that your Aunt Jan was smiling down at you on your special day and wishing you all the happiness in this world and the heavenly world to come. I wish you so much love and happiness and love. I would like to come and visit you two when things settle down. Your middle name is Rose and you will always be a Rose, to me and your Aunt Jan. God bless this union and give you both everything that you need, espacially, understanding and patience with one another.

Love always,
Uncle Herschall

Cathi Pile

It looked like a fabulous wedding and so sorry we couldn’t make it. I thought of you on your special day as we were welcoming a new granddaughter Annalise. Thanks for sharing the photos.

These incredible photographs make me sorry I wasn’t there to experience such a gorgeous wedding. Kudos to the bride for getting in the hot tub and lucky for Byron and Wendy for getting the shot!

Victoria Horlacher

Byron and Wendy,

It was such a devine pleasure to meet both of you!! Not only did the pictures turn out perfect, even if the weather wasn’t, the two of you were delightful to work with and I know that helped the bride in the end. Can’t wait to see the remainer of the pictures.

Thanks again