February 12, 2010

Business Portraits For Executive Director Of Bend, Oregon’s Downtowners Association-Chuck Arnold

Trying to get in a photoshoot during someone’s weekly lunch time can be tough, but when it’s uncomfortably cold out it tends to make everything move much faster.  I guess that’s the ultimate goal during these types of shoots, however, as the photographer I still want to make a great connection with my subjects regardless of our time frame otherwise the results just aren’t going to be what we’re looking for.  Let’s not even begin to mention the fact that, at that point, my job actually begins to feel more like….a job!

Chuck and I were able to meet up during his lunch, stroll through Drake Park and shoot 3-4 different scenes within a matter of 45 minutes, (heck, it might have been less for that matter).  In the end, no digits were lost to frostbite, we got the shots he needed and when 3:00 rolled around, he wasn’t caught using his leather office chair for a quick snack.


Wow Byron. Great shots. Chuck looks awesome!