September 28, 2010

Flash Photography Basics Workshop (The Recap) Bend, Oregon

Last Thursday I was given the opportunity to teach a photography workshop and I really had an amazing time. Not that deep down I thought I wouldn’t but when people are paying for your knowledge, it goes beyond the, “hey, let’s go get a beer, sit down and maybe talk about flash a little” concept. Just a little more serious….right?!

So for almost three hours, (not surprising for others who know me, as I went over the proposed time limit) we talked about camera and flash. During the 2nd half of those three hours I demonstrated a number of different flash techniques, (with the help of my wife Wendy, and two models) and incorporated the use of reflectors, softboxes and other light controlling equipment. Everyone was amazing to work with and it was a real pleasure to be up there teaching again.

For me this workshop was the culmination of a huge amazing circle that’s sent me from being the high school photo club enthusiast to working in public education to now using these skills to help and give back towards others in an industry and career that’s inspired me to be the best person I can be. I’m not sure where this avenue might take Wendy and I but I can certainly say that this is only the start of many amazing years to come.

Check out the video highlights of the workshop!

Video courtesy of: Studio 3 and Tambi Lane

Byron Roe Photography Flash Workshop 1

Captivating and brainwashing the workshop attendees to say the mantra “I control the light in my photo’s, it doesn’t control me!”

Byron Roe Photography Flash Workshop 2

Our model Taylor was really great to work with! She had lots of energy, (hence the fence) which is always addicting and a big plus for photographers.

Byron Roe Photography Flash Workshop 3

Demonstrating the ins and outs of rear sync.

One soft box, camera right offers a beautiful, narrow lit view with intrigue and drama.  Taylor is holding a silver fill on the bottom.

Lighting profile shots is always interesting. Taylor showing good form.

Demonstrating Tungsten white balance with a secondary background flash that’s gelled with a light CTO. Remember, it’s all about messin’ around!

Gelled 1 CTO hairlight and 1 softbox camera right.  Bahdabingbahdaboom!

Add a little backlight fun with a CTO gel and you get a totally different feel.

Simple, elegant and fierce.  Taylor has the most fantastic strong face that just pops on camera.


Some wonderful shots, Byron and great explanations behind them. As young people say, “You rock Byron!”