December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Miles!

Today is Miles B-day; we really didn’t know his actual special day so we thought this day would be perfect for him. As most people know, labs have an affinity for eating anything they can stuff in their mouths. Miles is no saint though and he’s stolen a number of steaks in his time but we really wanted to get him his own for once.

He’s been an amazing friend for 13 years and we’ve had more fun running, mtn biking, xc skiing, swimming, etc, etc. than I could have ever imagined. At 14 he can still run 4 miles with us so he’s no slouch. Since Dizzy passed away three weeks ago, we’ve been spoiling Miles a bit more and we thought it was time for some major spoilage.

Here’s to you Miles-AKA: Tank, Bubba, Bubba Jubba, Numb skull, Puppy Paws!

With love always,

B + W


What will you do for Ella’s birthday next year to top Mile’s? Miles, happy birthday; lucky you for such a yummy birthday dinner! I love the photo!