July 19, 2010

Is a website ever really FINISHED? – Web Marketing For Wedding Photographers

I have gotten this question over and over and I think we all need to be let off the hook! Let’s just come together, hug, and tell your fellow photog that it’s going to be okay because…websites are never ‘finished.’

Whew, okay, now that we’ve had the release, let’s talk about the correct mental perspective on building and evolving a website and/or blog. There’s just one thing in life that’s constant – change – and there’s always technology driving that fast.

Technology and various applications to enhance your marketing/your website/your blog is moving rapidly and we must, as photogs, embrace it. GREAAAAT, now “how do I do that again?”

Website evolution should always stem from these foundational concepts:

  1. How do I build traffic and links to my site?
  2. How do I build my target specific branding?
  3. How do I measure and learn from the results?

As new technology comes to play, you must always answer these three little questions. If new technology doesn’t help you build traffic, links or your brand and there’s no results, then MOVE ON!

As marketers, it’s all about testing ideas, seeing what works and adapting. That is why websites are never ‘FINISHED.’ Getting comfortable with continually utilizing these concepts is the difference between compounding success and stagnation.

*** I’d love to gather your questions and comments in the comment section below.  Don’t hesitate to throw them out there as there’s no stupid question!  I’d like to do some FAQs posts down the line, so post away.