February 2, 2011

It’s YOUR Wedding, So Remember the Details!

Personal Details are the most important visual aspect to your wedding!  This means that if your thinking of not including something based on whether others have ever done it in the past……well, that’s a lost opportunity bordering on travesties way beyond a broken nail or say, a run in your extra special nylons.

Details Rock
At some point we have to admit to ourselves that those silly things that shout, “this is who I am and who we are and…..we’re proud of it”, really speak of who we are deep down.  Cowboy boots under a dress, favorite football team pins on your garter belt, home brewed beer and label given to your guests as thank you’s,  etc, etc.  Don’t forget all the interests that brought you and your mate together and showcase them in a way that will add to the harmony of your day.

Balance Grasshopper
I think I’m going to be bordering on sounding like Martha Stewart here but…..remember though, too much of anything will look disjointed.  Your goal is to fit everything together in a way that enhances the entire look as a whole, (thus enhancing the images we take of your wedding).  One really wild idea might take too much focus away from other really cool details.  Remember grasshopper, it’s all about balance!   Like ice cream toppings, these are the details that will help create personalized wedding photographs that will make your wedding unique.  It IS your wedding right?

Why Movement Works
How and where do I start you might ask?  My first suggestion to brides and grooms is the need to push themselves outside the comfort box of jumping on the new wedding fad of the month band wagon.  Seems like no one throws rice these days but if you’ve always pictured coming out of the chapel to a big shower or rice, in the words of Ben Stiller….”DO IT”.  Your going to be more cutting edge anyways if no one else is doing it anymore, right?  Not having a veil is in……well go get the longest veil you can find and be stoked at how just this one detail can enhance your photographs more than you ever thought possible!  Play with it, wrap yourself and your guy in it, endless fun that will only create more playful moments for your photographer to capture.  Moments created by movement is the key to getting many of our great images and I for one am a huge advocate of getting our couples to just….well, play!

Isn’t that what we all want in the end anyways?  Images that will show our style, coolness, BEAUTY?

Cool…so the takeaway here is:  Rock The Details!

Happy wedding planning,

B + W

Personalize and show your style.  Rockin’ the boots!!

The Seahawks would be so proud.

This couple used images from the engagement photo shoot and designed their own label to go along with the home brewed beer they created for all their guests.

Repeat after me…..Veils Rock!