December 23, 2013

{Jessica + Sean} Oregon Engagement Photo Session

It’s funny how small and how large our little town of Bend, Oregon is.  Sean and I never really met each other but we we’re on the same cycling team in our town, (he raced in a way faster class so it’s not too surprising) but it was his sister who found us for their wedding photography!  Jessica and Sean really wanted to get some pictures in the snow, (and Wendy and I are always game for anything!!) so we went up to Mt Bachelor and wow was that a change of weather!  Those photo’s of Jessica and Sean on the chairlift we’re crazy to capture as it was blowing 30+ and so cold it took your breath away.  During the photography of images further down the mountain next to the Bachelor sign I did something I’ve never done before…..I proceeded to backup, catch my boot on a Manzanita bush and do a complete backwards summer salt while holding my camera in one hand and a bag of lenses over my shoulder.  It felt fairly graceful, (probably helped that we had about 1.5 feet of snow for padding) and surprisingly nothing got broke!  Anyway, we all had a fantastic time running around the Bend area in search of fun and uniquely creative locations that we hope you’ll enjoy!

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