May 1, 2011

To Jase, From Cori; Central Oregon Wedding Photographers


Dear Jase,

Love isn’t about writing letters. It is about keeping all of the promises we make to each other, because they are how we make each other happy. We never speak these promises, but we know that they are there.

Every day, you promise to hold me, make me laugh and keep me safe. You promise to be the presence that gives me the most comfort and the most joy. I promise to show you that I love you every day. I promise to do all that I can to make your life better, to hold you up and to be the best wife and friend possible to you. I also promise to stop being upset when you don’t do the dishes. I don’t know when, but I promise it will happen.

I want every day of our life together to be the result of the promises we make to each other, filled with gratitude, hope, affection and love.

Love always,


Cori + Jase,

We’re stoked to have you as part of our 2011 Scholarship winner!  Congrats 🙂  Taking photos is sometimes about pushing your comfort zone (being behind a camera if you’re not a model isn’t easy!) but even beyond the shooting, we got you up on an old fire escape.  Thanks for being daring for the sake of some fun pictures.  We love adventurous souls and you two were great 🙂  There’s this fabulous mural downtown that was a colorful backdrop illuminating the Central Oregon lifestyle and some fun background textures rounded out the shoot.  We are really looking forward to capturing your day out at Black Butte Ranch this year.   Planning from a far is never easy, so let us know if you need anything!

All the best,

B + W

Fabulous eyes Cori – fabulous!

Sample of our new artist series pano’s 🙂

Some fun blow kisses…

…some real kisses!

Love the angle and moment of this shot – artsy.

…your Julia Roberts moment (or at least we tried!).

One of our total favs of of the day…

Our total fav of the day 🙂  We agreed (for once!)

Love it!