October 19, 2010

{Karin + Fabrizio} Engagement Session; Rome, Italy

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Caro Fabrizio,

Caro, after we started our we buy houses business together,  I thought “this is the man for me” so it must have been all of the little things that added up to make you the perfect person for me. I mean really what girl wouldn’t fall in love when on our first date you picked me up on a scooter and whizzed me around Rome. Or on our third date when I told you to wear tennis shoes and you showed up with Gucci on your feet. Maybe it is because you will always walk to to get the car and pick me up if it’s raining or I’m wearing heels. When it was boiling hot in Rome you took me to Ireland, and when we needed romance to Paris where you warned me that one of these days you were going to ask me to marry you so I’d better watch out. You wait for me on the ski slopes and watch out for me in the water. Remember following me down the beach to look for turtles? You thought I was crazy but came along anyways.

Maybe I fell in love with you because you make feel feel that whatever is important to me is important to you, my family, my friends, my funny American ways. You help with the Christmas tree and are fearless with your fashion choices in Oregon (one day we’ll learn to wear shiny jackets too). I don’t have words to tell you how much it means to me that you waited to ask me to marry you when we were in Cannon Beach. You never play games and always answer your phone. You’ve never yelled at me even when I’ve deserved it.

I laugh harder with you than anyone I know and you are kind and generous to everyone. Thank you for deciding to spend the rest of your life with me. I will never take it for granted and will try to be for you all that you are to me. So there is no one reason why I love you and no one moment when I decided you were the one for me.  It is something that grew in my heart from the first time I saw you.

Amore mio, per me sei tutto, la stella che mi guida, il sole che mi scalda e la luna che mi fa sognare. (My love, you are everything to me, the star that guides me, the sun that warms me and the moon that makes me dream)


In front of the President’s estate…having a little fun practicing a dip.

Did I mention the textures were amazing?  Rockin’ the sunset.

One of those random Rome narrow streets that everyone loves…

The Coliseum at night with shadows, shadows everywhere….Karin rockin’ it!

Rome has some of the most fantastic textures, colors and history; we had a really hard time not stopping every two seconds to setup a shot.  Karin + Fabrizio were naturals behind the camera (even though they don’t think so!) and considering we had just met them the day before, puttering around Rome was easy and a ton of fun.  We first went to the President of Rome’s estate and shot at sunset in a beautiful, cobbled area where you could see St. Peter’s Basilica in the background.  Then we wanted to go into the narrow streets and capture some of the textures and ‘ristorante’s’ that were secluded.  We ended the evening, after a short break for some of the best pizza I’ve ever had, at the grand Colosseum all lit up at night.

This was just a prelude to their big day just two days later as a way to feel comfortable behind our cameras and get to know their story.  They met through a mutual friend; he’s a banker, she’s a travel guide for Rick Steve’s.  Karin + Fabrizio went above and beyond this entire experience to make sure everyone, including us, were comfortable and happy.  We were treated as family for three days that left us humbled and grateful for this experience and frankly excited to come back!

Thank you, thank you!

B + W


Dear B & W, What an adventure you are having and you took some great photos. The last three in the series are my favorite: the ones with the lighting, the textures and the coliseum. The very last photo is classic and I’d enter it into a photo contest. Congratulations to the wedding couple and I thank them too for being so gracious to the two of you. XO, Mom

Kelsi Erkkila

Wow! The pictures came out awesome! The scenery is amazing!

Colleen Splitter

Beautiful pictures!! I’ve never seen Karin more beautiful and happy