June 19, 2011

Lessons Learned from our Father’s – Happy Father’s Day!

When we sat down to reflect all that our fathers have brought to our lives, we smiled and memories came flooding forward.  Both of us have sailing days (Byron Racing; Wendy Cruising) that will always stand out, both of us have fathers that were breadwinners, sharing insights on life and money, both of us have father’s that continue to push and support us with tons of love.  Today, together, we stand up and say thanks for all you’ve done.

Here’s a few lessons learned on life through our fathers:

To: Byron Sr.

  • For me, one of the most important lessons I’ve learned from my father and really what makes me who I am, is the ability to be in the moment enjoying whatever is happening.  I grew up racing sailboats on Lake Michigan and as much fun as it was to win or be ahead of 30+ competitors at times, (to be leading a pack of sailboats with spinnaker’s up in a regatta is quite a cool feeling!), I never saw my father get frustrated at not finishing first, (or last for that matter) and that impression always stood with me.  I learned from my father that you should always do the absolute best you can with everything but the end result might not necessarily reflect that, and that should NEVER take away from the enjoyment of the process!!
  • How to jump into projects and fix things.  True, there are people out there who have an uncanny ability to understand and fix most anything, (yes, I am one of those people…much to Wendy’s pleasure).  However, I do think that most of the time it isn’t about true talent as much as it’s about having the confidence to jump in and undertake the process whether it’s to dismantle or create.  My father taught me to never fear trying anything and keep an open mind.
  • To love people!  My father has always had a clear cut way of dealing with people.  You treat people how you want to be treated, you don’t play games with them and you always try to give more than you expect to get in return.

I am forever grateful to have an amazing role model like you dad!

Love, Byron Jr. (that would be Byron the third….or terd)

To: Ron Epner

  • One of the biggest things I owe my father is the education in learning how to run a business and customer service.  My father comes from a family of entrepreneurs and started his own practice many years ago with the principle of with serving clients with total respect.
  • The next best thing I learned was an active lifestyle.  Since I was 3 years old, I’ve always been involved with sports: gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, rollerblading, rowing, climbing, biking…you name it.  Dad, your love for hiking and the outdoors made a huge impact on me 🙂  Living in Bend is gluttony!
  • Money, I was taught is the currency of life.  It’s not EVERYTHING, but it does grease the wheels and give you choices and wonderful experiences in life.  In terms of making money…along with business, I was taught to never sell your self short.

**And Dad…no, Calculus is not good for the soul. 🙂

Love, Wendy

Mr. Byron Roe, Sr.  and me on our wedding day          Photo Courtesy of: Green Door Photography

Dr. Ron Epner and Wendy on our wedding day          Photo Courtesy of: Green Door Photography


Sis and Byron, what a lovely thing to do for the dads. And I can hear dad saying the thing about thanking him for life. Classic! I do disagree about calculus though. It’s the Geometry that really sucks.! Love, J

Thanks Mom! You’re next 🙂 Funny thing…dad said, “you forgot something to thank me for – giving you life.” Go figure…although I think you did the hard part in that department! 🙂

A lovely tribute, W & B. As a parent, it is wonderful to be acknowledged, especially with life lessons. Of course it takes special children to appreciate them. Love, Wendy’s Mom