March 14, 2012

{Melissa + Nick} Engagement Pre-Wedding Photography; Portland, Oregon

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Dear Nicholas,

As we countdown to our wedding day, I am amazed at how much we’ve grown together. Ups & downs, rifts & bonds…we’ve built such a solid foundation that I – for once in my life – am sure of something.

What I am sure of is that our love is true, deep, and everlasting. Our friendship is the tie that binds and I know that bond is forever. You are my solidity, my strength, my lover, and my one and only. I look forward to becoming your wife – standing side by side no matter what life has in store. I couldn’t imagine a more loving, respectful, passionate partner to enter into the rest of the days of my life with. I love you with all my heart and soul.


Your angel,

{Artist Series}

Sweet and striking…our favorite combo!  You’re fabulous Melissa!

Oh my!  Nick, Nick…nibbles…no biting!  Not until later at least 🙂


Having a little fun in downtown Portland…one of first frames.


Too cute…love this one.




Top FAV of the day…love this!

Playing with symmetry and mirrors






Nick’s got the GQ look down (left)…EXCELLENT!




My oh my….so STRIKING.

Having more fun with some RUGBY wear (left) and the bell cart…

Lastly, props for Melissa’s fabulous hair and makeup for this e-session by Bri Ellis of Powder, Inc