June 29, 2010

New Client Meeting Space – The Next Frontier


We’re very excited to announce our new client meeting space in conjunction with wedding florist, Singing Sparrow.  Coffee shops no more, we’re delving to the next frontier by dipping a toe into the water of formal client space.  Singing Sparrow has a beautiful space in front of their workshop where we’ll be holding our client meetings and showings from now on.  We’re excited to make the switch and share such a cute space.

Oh, the best part is we’re across the street from Strictly Organic (so a coffee fix is 10 paces) and our friends at Audette Media (An Internet Marketing Boutique) are above us.  For those of you that would like more specific directions, here’s a direct map to our new showing location across from the Old Mill area.

And because a post is not as fun without a pic, here’s a few of the new fun space!

All the best,

B + W

Nicole from Singing Sparrow has impeccable taste for decorating, no?

The outside is a big, red barn 🙂

And the neighbors, a new cool women’s clothing shop, was named after this little princess, Kariella.


Congrats. You guys are on your way. It’s so exciting!!!

That is awesome! Enjoy the ‘formal’ space! I love Strictly O too but the question is: How many steps to McMens? LOL! Excited for you both!

great news can’t wait to see it