December 30, 2009

Photoshoot For Bend, Oregon’s New “Volcanic Theatre” And The Source’s Cover

It’s been called “beer theatre” and should play out to be quite a riot when this new theatre company in Central Oregon comes to a bar/pub for a show.  Can you imagine chillin’ out in a more relaxed setting to watch theatre than the usual seating arrangements we have all come to expect?  “I’ll have a pint, burger and…..hey, for one it’s always intermission sort of!  Imagine, no more waiting for an hour to go to the restroom!

Anyway, I had the privilege of shooting this weeks cover for The Source and this proved to be lots of fun as their art director Elise and I worked with the logistics of shooting at the Summit Salon during lunch time.  One great thing about working with actors, (at least in theatre) is that they are easily motivated to have fun and play during a photoshoot which makes getting great images much more likely to happen, (and I don’t have to do anything silly to lighten up the situation…not that I have a problem with looking silly….just ask Wendy!).  With Elise taking the place of a light-stand (at some point I’ll own some) and holding a snooted speedotron light to create that spotlight look for the cover, I got to yell “action” and the actors did the rest.  Thank’s Elise for risking life and limb as my light holder, Summit’s staff for letting us shoot there, and Ric, Lorraine and Sandra for the acting fun.  Looking forward to seeing the show!