November 16, 2010

Pre-Wedding Itinerary and Formals FAQs For Existing Clients

So you’re getting close to your wedding day…the count down is on and all that hard work is about to pay off!  You may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel or still in the thick of details but prior to your wedding, we, (as photographers) need to gather a few more items to make sure the photography runs smoothly.

We will gather these details from you around two-three weeks prior to the wedding.  Our goal is to review these with you and clarify details or any questions at least a WEEK before your big day so that you can concentrate on family.  *If you have an event coordinator, we will work with them to complete the items below.

Here’s a review of what to expect and links to a few things to help simplify the process:

Itinerary and Wedding Timeline/Vendor Contacts
The timeline is the key to finalizing the flow of the day.  Some things change as wedding details bloom and it’s important for us to review with you the overall itinerary.  Things such as:

  • Will their be a ‘First Look?’
  • Are there group shots prior to the ceremony and which ones?
  • Enough allotted time for family photos and Bride/Groom creative portraits
  • Wedding highlights, surprises for the guests, unique moments
  • Vendor contact information

—> View the Pre-Wedding Itinerary and Vendor Form and Sample Worksheet

Formal Portraits
Formal portraits consist of all the bridal party shots, and groups of the immediate and extended family of the bride and groom.  Other portraits like a shot with your officiant, or your ring bearer or flower girls are all included in the formal portraits of your choice.  On average and depending on the size of the groups and bridal parties, please allow for:

  • 30-45 mins for family shots
  • 30 mins for bridal party formals
  • 30-45 mins for creative bride and groom portraits

—> View the Formal Portraits Form and Sample Worksheet

If putting together a timeline or figuring out formals portraits is not going as smoothly as you would like, we would be happy to supply sample itineraries, just contact us!  As photographers, our goal is to document the day, so in the absence of an event coordinator, please assign and lean on your Maid of Honor or another special friend or family member to help keep everyone on track!

And because a post is never as sweet without a pic, here’s a preview of a recent model shoot and an awesome Lamborghini.