February 19, 2011

To Ben From Chelsea; Seattle Pre-Wedding Engagement Photography



I know how you think cards are cheesy, so I can only imagine what you think of a love letter, so I’ll keep it short. But that’s exactly what this is, a letter all about how much I love you. I knew very early in our relationship that I loved you.

I started loving you when I got hurt shortly after our first date and you didn’t hesitate to come over and wait on me like a princess trying to nurse me back to health. I knew without a doubt I loved you when you left on a business trip for seven weeks and I couldn’t see or talk to you whenever I wanted. I love how smart you are and how you tried to teach me physics when I found out I was going to be teaching it to high school students. I love that you can dunk a basketball like a pro and that you let me try and teach you how to golf. I love that even when we are sitting at home on a rainy day it’s relaxing and enjoyable because you are there with me. I love that you never let me carry the grocery bags when you go with me to the store. I love that you agreed to us getting two puppies instead of one!

We have been through so much already and I am so excited to be starting the next chapter in our lives together. I can’t wait for our wedding day and the honeymoon, and everything that comes after! Thank you for putting up with me and loving me no matter what.

I love you with all my heart,


Love + Basketball
The sparks began to fly for Chelsea and Ben when the two met on a basketball court.  They have two ADORABLE boxers, Emma and Lucy that joined us for the shoot and were very well behaved (with a few treats in hand).  I hear they even got a bath in prep for the shoot 🙂  We were racing the weather the morning of the shoot but had beautiful light as we played around Green Lake Park and the UW campus all morning.  Chelsea + Ben, we can’t wait to capture your day in Sisters, Oregon very soon!  Congratulations you two…

B + W

We had a bit of fun with the Valentines day Green Lake run going on in the background.  The runners costumes were awesome!

Isn’t she just a cutie?!


We love your casual nature, so being outside was a perfect fit.  The tree limbs here add such a nice texture.

Chelsea, you have a beautiful smile!

The beautiful library on the UW campus was like a building out of a European scene…

Work it!  🙂  Great job you two…

Your coat sets off this beautiful scene on campus 🙂

Our favorite of the shoot; such a sweet moment.


great pics, I love this area, stayed by there a couple times and ran around the lake.

Lynn Fribush (jon kushels girlfriend)

I love your pictures!! Hope to meet you guys sometime. Jon sends his love