March 12, 2012

To: Colby; From: Maren – Pre-Wedding Engagement Photography Portland, Oregon



Freshman year for me was the start of the best time in my life. When I first met you I was a little skeptical but after all the several breakup’s and makeup’s we finally got it right. Making it through high school, college and time in between it has been a total trip. We have lost some very important people, gained some amazing people, and met some very interesting people we never would have unless we were together.

I love how we have grown up together and made changes in our lives to better them. You are truly the man for me. I will never forget me hounding you this whole last year and how much harassment you have endured from me over the last ten years in general.

Proposing at Caldera where we always talked about, just makes me realize that you really do listen when I babble. You are the only person that can pull me out of a bad mood and “turn my frown upside down” as you always say, but I especially love when you intentionally make me angry just so you can do your dumb laugh and make me forget about everything. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. After ten years of dating and twelve years of knowing each other I can honestly say you are my best friend and my better half.

I love you,
Mary Jane

{Artist Series}


Maren sassin’ it up – LOVE.

Our Facebook ‘Preview Pic’ choice!

You guys are TOO stinkin’ cute – seriously 🙂





Love the hair and dirt flying here as ‘Moe’ goes for a happy run.


Moe:  “Oh, Mom….this modeling thing is easy!”





Lick break…phew…okay, back to modeling (see below).







Thanks for bearing the mud and cold..oh, and the duck poo.

The last frame.



I love all the photographs and, no offens
e to the lovely couple, the dog is great!