March 2, 2011

To Matt; From Sara: Pre-Wedding Engagement Photography Las Vegas, NV

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You were my first “real” boyfriend; you were the first to give me butterflies in my stomach, my first real kiss and my first true love. You were also my first heartbreak.

You brought me flowers for no reason, you wrote me love letters and we made-out in your ice-blue Berretta. It was real, passionate, classic young love. When we broke up, my whole world was crushed because I knew then, just as much as I know now, that you are my one and only.  Looking back now I’m grateful for the time we had apart. It gave us both time to grow up, finish our educations and establish our own careers.   Most importantly, it gave us time to realize what we found important in a partner.  No matter what tangential course my life took during those ten years, my heart always belonged to you.

You posses everything I have ever wanted in a husband. I love that you are reliable and responsible but at the same time you are so sweetly boyish and so full of excitement for new adventures.  I love that you can make me laugh hysterically just by giving me a certain look. I adore watching you play with Sookie and Sawyer. I love that you can chop wood, change the oil in my car, fix random broken plumbing and get dirty. I love that you’re a real man.  I admire your drive and hard work.  I love that we have such a history together and we can reminisce about the past like an old married couple. I love that we still have so much ahead of us. I trust you with my heart completely; that you will never break it or abuse it, and that you will love it endlessly.

I’m so excited to see what memories we have to make together. I know that together we can accomplish so much more than we could alone.

You were my first everything and now you will be my last. By the time we say our vows, I will have loved you for more than half my life. It’s a dream to be marrying you, my high school sweetheart.

I always knew it was you.




Adorable you two.  Believe me, we’re gonna get a BIG metallic print for this one – it’s made for a big wall 🙂  Total FAV.


Now that is a keeper, both you guys look amazing.


That’s the first half of Debbie Reynold’s signature in the background 🙂  Love the color punch on this one…


The Neon Graveyard offered a stellar amount of props to play with, all having that rust, worn and colorful look we dig.




Matt: “I wanna marry YOU”  Sara: “Marriage…who me?”


LOVE!  Sara, new Facebook Profile pic maybe?


You’re right Matt, you did hit the JACKPOT 🙂



Smooches behind a dinosaur-sized skull 🙂



Wendy learned about Joshua Trees on this trip too.


Red Rocks Canyon on a perfect, puffy cloud day.


Shot standing with the reflection on the ceiling of the elevator – only in Vegas 🙂

Shot outside the new Cosmopolitan hotel.  People kept stopping to not get in the way…but I had other ideas!


The famous Vegas ‘Strip’ in all its mayhem and splendor…

Sara + Matt,

We had SO much fun working with you guys and can’t wait for the Spray, Oregon wedding later this year (Spray is sure to be the opposite of Vegas, eh?)!  Thanks so much for taking a leap and shooting with us in the Neon Graveyard and tromping around Red Rocks and The Strip.  We have a better idea now how to make Matt laugh, how to light your beautiful eyes and how to mimic a 15 foot cowboy.  Fun times!  Enjoy and we’ll see you both in a few short months…

All the best,

B + W




they really look amazing! lovely photos and adorable couple! Congrats to them! All these locations are beautiful and fantastic but my favorite setting is Red Rocks Canyon. can’t wait to see their vegas wedding!!!